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    Karol G gives an emotional performance at a women’s prison in Colombia

    Karol G gives an emotional performance at a women’s prison in Colombia

    Karol G performed at a women’s prison in Bogota, Colombia. In a video that went viral, the singer performed her hit song “Bichota,” with the women around her singing along enthusiastically. Karol G was a part of Fundacion Accion Interna, a non-profit founded with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the incarcerated population in Colombia.
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    “Yesterday was a day we won’t forget. Thank you, Karol G for gifting us this moment filled with music, generosity, empathy, and solidarity with women who’ve lost their freedom and are incarcerated in Buen Pastor prison in Bogota. Thank you for being a believer in second chances,” wrote the organization, sharing several photos of Karol performing and taking pictures with the inmates.
    The founder of the organization, Johana Bahamon, also shared a post, thanking Karol G for her participation and for the beautiful moment she provided to the inmates. “She is incredibly generous and kind, filled with humanity and empathy. I love her. And so do the 1,950 inmates of Buen Pastor, whom she visited across the different areas of the prison,” Bahamon wrote.

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    Early this month, Karol G added another achievement to her name. At the Billboard Women’s Music Awards, she took the Rule Breaker Award, an honor that celebrates women breaking boundaries with their music.